2nd European distributor now online (bax-shop.nl)

We’re excited to announce our 2nd European distributor, bax-shop.nl, now has stock! They’re also currently offering free shipping to some locations in the EU.

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VMeter now available in Germany

We happy to announce our first distributor outside the US.  http://www.musicstore.de now carries the VMeter! (and 50,000 other music items!)

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SonicState Talks about VMeter

SonicState, a site and youtube channel that talks about music technology and production, talked about the VMeter. Check out 41:50s in the following:

They mention that it’d be nice to integrate to other devices, for instance, adding a ribbon controller to a guitar.  And also, that it’d be better to have a group of VMeters in a case with one USB cable coming.

Our next hardware revision will include the ability to connect multiples together to allow custom “collections.” The goal is to make it a building-block that’s easily integrated with other instruments.

One correction that has been clarified on our website: MaxMSP is only needed to change settings, not for daily use.

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New Tutorial & Video MIDI Mapping Torq DJ Software with VMeter

This tutorial will show how to setup the VMeter MIDI connections inside Torq DJ software. We’ll show how to turn a VMeter into a volume control and VU meter, and also how to map two outputs on a single VMeter at once: pressure and cross-fader position.

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Controllerism.com interview about VMeter

Controllerism.com just posted an article / interview about VMeter.

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Turn VMeter into a VU Meter for Track Volume in Ableton Live

Check out the first 10 seconds of this video to see the VMeter acting as an output display for track volume (in addition to a fader input):

It requires a plugin and a little bit of unexpected setup. A tutorial showing how to send track peaks out MIDI controller messages in Ableton Live is on our site.  The plugin comes from the PizMIDI pack, which has just about every MIDI VST effect you could ever want.

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VMeters in stock! Birth pics

We’re finally receiving our first (limited) manufacturing run! VMeters are now in stock and ready to ship, and if you pre-ordered one, it’ll be shipping in the next few days.

We’re working hard on PC MIDI support as well as multiple-vmeter support.

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